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Since pork trailers went out of production years ago , Angler's today have had missed opportunities of reluctant fish as plastic's does not give a natural feel as pork which fish tend to hold on longer than plastic that enables those few extra moments to add that keeper to your livewell
.Thank You to
Papaw E Pork Toads
for bringing a great product back to life !

Tackle Tactician
Lure Builder / Tournement Angler

There has been something missing in tackle boxes for several year's the "Pork Trailer"
I felt the need to bring it back to the market for angler's of all ages could experience the toughness and life like feel to add to their favorite jig or wired lure
100% Handcrafted in the USA
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Papaw E Pork Toads

Papaw E
Creator/Papaw E Pork Toads

I was really excited when one of my subscribers began handcrafting pork frogs after manufactures stopped making them years ago. I am a huge fan of pork over my entire career. Finally very thankful you can get a good pork frog now with Papaw E

Randy Blaukat
Professional Angler / YouTube Creator